Thursday, October 13, 2011

Updated Schedule Info

1. Correct schedule for the 2011-12 season will be updated on the Google Calendar soon.

2. This Saturday October 15th 11:30-12:45 the Smokette's are opening up their Saturday after noon skate on the big ice in Trail to co-ed bring a buddy hockey. 

3. Saturday October 28th 7:30 we are scheduled to play In Grandforks vs Blackbetties if interested in playing please email Tracy ASAP. If I don't have at least 10 skaters and a goalie by Thursday October 20th I will invite Chicks or I will cancel the game.

4. Saturday October 22 we have a game on our ice with the Chicks we need a ref anyone have teenage kids or a husband that would like to to do this game, email Tracy and let Tracy know ASAP. If I don't hear from anyone we will hire some one from outside.

5. Please sign up by emailing Tracy or signing up at hockey for the up coming tournaments Kaslo November 19th and 20th and Grandforks (beginner-intermediate level) Nov 26 -27th, fees will be the same as last year $45?

6. The fall Smokette AGM will take place immediately after hockey on Saturday November 5th, we have some important issues to discuss, promise to keep it short.

7. If you have any interest at all in going to the Las Vegas tournament in April please email Barb and you will get on the email list to receive updated information on whats happening.

8. If you know anyone who is NOT on the Smokette email list PLEASE forward Tracy their email address, I know I don't have a few such as Danielle, and a few of the new players from last year and definitely not newbies from this year. 

9. We are trying to organize coaching for part of our Thursday ice times, if anyone knows of anyone PLEASE drop Barb or Tracy an email. We are currently                   working on some one to work on power skating and some one to do shooting sessions.

10. We had 3 Smokettes out for our game with the Buds last Wed and 6 with the Hooches this past Wed. The mens teams are not going to want to play us any          more if this continues.  I will post a reminder of our game 1 week before as well as have it announced at practice, I'm asking that if you are planning on playing email Tracy or let Tracy know, if it looks like we are going to be short on skaters I will put a call out to the Chicks and co-ed girls.

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