Friday, October 28, 2011

Grand Forks Game

The game against Grand Forks this weekend has been cancelled.

Bring a Buddy on Saturday!

Hey everyone,
I have no times for Grandforks the tournament fee had to be into day so I'm sure we'll hear something soon. All I have confirmed for Grandforks is Emma, Kathleen, Bridget and Myself. I will forward the invitation, thats all the info I have. Booking a couple of rooms at the motel across the street sounds good.

For Kaslo I have Ann, Holly, Emma, Janice and me? The Chicks are playing with Spokane, so we can't draw players from them this year so Smokettes sign up! For Kaslo this year on Saturday night there is a tournament dinner at the Legion it is $10. 

I told Carolyn to let everyone one know that Saturday is bring a buddy, so everyone bring a buddy. 
I cancelled our game in Grandforks on Saturday night as know one committed.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey Smokettes

We have two tourney’s coming up in November, Nov 18-20 – Kaslo and Nov 25-27 – Grand Forks.   Both are excellent fun tournaments, both guarantee three games and refreshments after each game.  The GF tourney has a banquet and dance and the Kaslo is usually a pot luck dinner with drinks at the local hotel.  The entry fee for each player will be $50.

We need some commitments on these tournaments so please let Tracy McCallum (tmac05 at know if you can attend.  Keep in mind that if we cannot come up with the numbers we chance being replaced by other teams.  There are teams on waiting lists that would be happy to take our place.

We had a good game last Saturday against the Chix, lots of players showed and it was great fun.  I have asked a coach to come out on Thursday nights for ½ hour or so, looks promising, will keep you all posted.

Keeps your sticks on the ice


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Game Saturday 22nd vs Chicks

I need to know who is planning on coming out on Saturday so I know if we have enough players, I've only heard back from a couple of people. Corrine can you make sure we have a goalie even if its Tucker (contact sarah tucker) her husband is willing to come out when he's not working or busy, or a minor hockey goalie?  Can some one look into refs and time keepers?? We will discuss these jobs at our AGM and try and get more organized. We are committed to the Kaslo and Grandforks tournaments heard back from 2 people!!!!! 
Tracy tmac05 at

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rossland Pond Hockey Info

Hi all,

Happy fall. I wanted to provide a locals update on the Pond Hockey series. After three years of wrestling with mother nature,  and wondering if we will have ice to play on we've decided not to offer a Pond Hockey tournament in Rossland (despite the fact that accuweather says this coming winter will offer unseasonably cold temperatures starting in January). It's simply too much planning for local and out of town teams alike, and despite the fact that we have one of the best ice makers in the world on our side (Ray Von) and incredible support and effort from the likes of Darrin Albo, Ryan Zanussi and Rossland's Public Works department we just can't control the weather.

We do have options as the series expands with tournaments in Prince George Jan 20-22 and Invermere Feb 3-5th, and we will be contacting those winning teams from last year to discuss their free entry vouchers for this years tournament(s). 

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support, flexibility and energy and wish you all the best for a great hockey and ski season.

Hope to see you on the ice!


John Reed
Adventure Architects
skype: johnnyreed2

Friday, October 14, 2011

Updated 2011-2012 Schedule

2011-2012 Smokette Hockey Schedule


Saturday October 1st  Big Ice  Trail  11:30-12:45
Wednesday October 5th  Big Ice   Trail  8:45-10:00   Budz
Thursday October  6th  Small Ice  Trail  8:00-9:15
Saturday October 8th   Big Ice   Trail  11:30-12:45
Wednesday October 12th  Rossland Ice  8:00-9:30 Hooches
Thursday October 13th  Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday October 15th Big Ice Trail 11:30- 12:45
Thursday October 20th  Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday October 22nd Big Ice Trail 11:30-12:45 Chicks         
Thursday October 27th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Friday October 28th Grandforks Ice  7:30   Blackbetty’s ???
Saturday October 29th  Big Ice Trail TBA


Thursday November 3rd Small Ice Trail 8:00:9:15
Saturday November 5th Big Ice Trail 11:30-12:45 TBA
Thursday November 10th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday November 12th Big Ice Trail 11:30-12:45  River Rats
Wednesday November 14th Rossland Ice 8:00-9:30 Hooches
Thursday November 17th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
***********No Saturday November 19th Ice*********
 November 18th,19th,20th Kaslo Tournament
Thursday November 24th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday  November 26th 11:30-12:45 Big Ice Trail Chicks
November 25th,26th 27th Grandforks Tournament


Thursday December 1st Small Ice Trail  8:00-9:15
Saturday December 3rd Rossland Ice 7:45-9:00 TBA
Thursday December 8th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday December 10th Rossland Ice 7:45-9:00 Budz
Sunday December 11th Trail Big Ice 6:15-7:30 Chicks
Thursday December 15th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday December 17th  Rossland Ice  7:45-9:00 TBA
Thursday December 22nd Small Ice Trail  8:00-9:15
**********No Saturday December 24th Ice***********
Thursday December 29th Small Ice Trail   8:00-9:15
*********No Saturday December 31st Ice **********


Thursday January 5th  Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday January 7th Rossland Ice 7:45-9:00 TBA
Thursday January 12th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday January 14th Rossland Ice 8:00-9:00
Thursday January 19th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15 TBA
Saturday January 21st Rossland Ice 7:45-9:00 Hooches
Thursday January 26th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
No Saturday January 28th Ice Winter Carnival


Thursday February 2nd Small Ice Trail 8:00-0:15
Saturday February 4th Rossland Ice 7:45-9:00 Chicks
Thursday February 9th small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
Saturday February 11th Rossland Ice 8:00-9:00 Hooches
Thursday February 16th Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15
February 16th,17th,18th Smokette Tournament
Thursday February 23rd Small Ice Trail 8:00-9:15


Sunday March 4th Big Ice Trail 6:15-7:30 Chicks


5th-8th Vegas Tournament

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Updated Schedule Info

1. Correct schedule for the 2011-12 season will be updated on the Google Calendar soon.

2. This Saturday October 15th 11:30-12:45 the Smokette's are opening up their Saturday after noon skate on the big ice in Trail to co-ed bring a buddy hockey. 

3. Saturday October 28th 7:30 we are scheduled to play In Grandforks vs Blackbetties if interested in playing please email Tracy ASAP. If I don't have at least 10 skaters and a goalie by Thursday October 20th I will invite Chicks or I will cancel the game.

4. Saturday October 22 we have a game on our ice with the Chicks we need a ref anyone have teenage kids or a husband that would like to to do this game, email Tracy and let Tracy know ASAP. If I don't hear from anyone we will hire some one from outside.

5. Please sign up by emailing Tracy or signing up at hockey for the up coming tournaments Kaslo November 19th and 20th and Grandforks (beginner-intermediate level) Nov 26 -27th, fees will be the same as last year $45?

6. The fall Smokette AGM will take place immediately after hockey on Saturday November 5th, we have some important issues to discuss, promise to keep it short.

7. If you have any interest at all in going to the Las Vegas tournament in April please email Barb and you will get on the email list to receive updated information on whats happening.

8. If you know anyone who is NOT on the Smokette email list PLEASE forward Tracy their email address, I know I don't have a few such as Danielle, and a few of the new players from last year and definitely not newbies from this year. 

9. We are trying to organize coaching for part of our Thursday ice times, if anyone knows of anyone PLEASE drop Barb or Tracy an email. We are currently                   working on some one to work on power skating and some one to do shooting sessions.

10. We had 3 Smokettes out for our game with the Buds last Wed and 6 with the Hooches this past Wed. The mens teams are not going to want to play us any          more if this continues.  I will post a reminder of our game 1 week before as well as have it announced at practice, I'm asking that if you are planning on playing email Tracy or let Tracy know, if it looks like we are going to be short on skaters I will put a call out to the Chicks and co-ed girls.

Barb barb_063 at
Tracy tmac05 at

Goalie & Tourney

One small and one large issue to tend to:
Ø  Ali Eve ran into Spring Fairweather, she has expressed interest in playing goal – if anyone knows how to contact her, please let her know that we have (most of) the  equipment and would love to have her come out.
Ø  2nd – Janice is looking for a replacement to run our tourney in February.  She has booked the ice, however, the venu, band, meal etc will need to be determined.  She has kept excellent records of what needs to be done and has run several very successful tourney’s.  Please call Janice or Ann if you or a few of you are interested.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Feb 11th Ice Change

The calendar has been changed so that our ice time on Saturday Feb 11th in Rossland now starts at 8pm.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smokettes in Vegas! Its Happening!

Shhhh!What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Yep!!! You Heard Right! The Smokettes are going to Vegas! Are You Up For It?

When: April 5-8th 2012
Costs: Tournament Entry Fee + Hotel pkg: $395.00 (us funds) per player
 Flights: estimate approx $295. + tax (Spokane to Las Vegas return)
Games: 3 games guaranteed / 4 games max
          * games consist of 2 stop time 18 minute periods.
First 15 players to sign up with $100.00 deposit by Nov 1, 2011
Here's the Scoop:
The tournament is being held at a new state of the art Orleans Arena where a semi pro hockey is based from. The Orleans Hotel and Casino are connected to the arena complex making it super conveinent for getting to the games on time with all our hockey gear. The hotel has a great pool and lots of emenities close by.
There is a tournament package deal which includes player entry fee plus hotel room (4 days /3 nights based on double occupancy). The Orleans Hotel and Arena complex is located just off the strip, looks like it will be a 5 min taxi ride to most places we would want to go.
 Everyone will be responsible for booking their own flights. I'm sure we will be able to coordinate and travel as a group for those who would like to. Once we a registered, and I get the tourney sched I will forward it to registered players. We need to make sure we all arrive on time for the first game. The Tournament fee and room fee are paid together as a package deal and will be booked when I send our deposit in.
There will be lots of oppertuny to see the sights, relax at the pool, shop, gamble, see a show, go clubbing and party all nite! There may be a few hardy smokettes who will be wanting to extend the party for an extra day....we can make arrangements to party on.
The most important thing is for us to get 15 Smokettes + a goalie signed up. I need to get us registered for the fun. A $100.00 deposit secures your spot on the most outrageous hockey tournament the Smokettes may ever attend. Plan on being there!
 Its Vegas Baby! Anything can Happen...and Probably will!

 This invitation is being sent out to all Smokettes and Alumni by Barb Robertson. I'm taking names and deposits starting today. Contact me for further information barb_063 at or call 250-362-5642. Will you be part of Smokette History? Let me know you want to be there............Vegas 2012. It's On!
Cheers Barb