Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey Smokettes

We have two tourney’s coming up in November, Nov 18-20 – Kaslo and Nov 25-27 – Grand Forks.   Both are excellent fun tournaments, both guarantee three games and refreshments after each game.  The GF tourney has a banquet and dance and the Kaslo is usually a pot luck dinner with drinks at the local hotel.  The entry fee for each player will be $50.

We need some commitments on these tournaments so please let Tracy McCallum (tmac05 at know if you can attend.  Keep in mind that if we cannot come up with the numbers we chance being replaced by other teams.  There are teams on waiting lists that would be happy to take our place.

We had a good game last Saturday against the Chix, lots of players showed and it was great fun.  I have asked a coach to come out on Thursday nights for ½ hour or so, looks promising, will keep you all posted.

Keeps your sticks on the ice


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