Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Holidays

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder of our ice times over the next couple of weeks:
(1)    There is NO hockey on Thursday December 26th
(2)    We have an ice time on Saturday December 28 at 7:30pm in Rossland  - this ice time is COED – bring a nice buddy – also…….. in the spirit of the holidays I am thinking that we should all head over to the shovel for a beer together afterwards…..anyone interested?
Anyways, hope to see you all on Saturday.
Have a fantastic Holiday Ladies!!
Cheers, Beers, Brassieres !


Friday, December 13, 2013

This Weekend in the Smokette World

Just a couple of reminders for the next few days:

(1)    We have an ice time Saturday @ 11:30am on the big ice in Trail  - Bring a Buddy!!
(2)    Our annual Smokettes Christmas Party is Saturday night
i.      Where and When – Ask a fellow Smokette
ii.      Gift exchange – 10$ max – you don’t have to participate but it is always a ton of laughs – gag gifts are a must!!
iii.      Potluck appies or whatever (bring something to share)
(3)    We have a game against the Chicks/Cougars on Sunday at 4:45pm in Trail

Anyways, it’s Friday so I thought I would ensure everyone is up to speed on this coming weekend. Hope to see you all out!
Cheers, beers, Brassieres!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Hockey Dates in December on Calendar

Hey Smokettes,
Just a reminder that we have hockey in Trail tonight, 8:45pm, big ice. The Buds are fun group to play with, we divide up evenly and it's all good. Does anyone know if we have a goalie? Please let me know and I can bring the gear if needed. 

Come on let's have a good turnout tonight!

Cheers Barb :)

Rest of December Ice:
Thursday Dec 12th - regular Trail ice
Saturday Dec 14th - Bring a Buddy!
Sunday Dec 15th with Cougars; Trail Big Ice 4:45pm
Thursday Dec 19th - regular Trail ice
Saturday Dec 21st - regular Rossland ice
Thursday Dec 26th - no ice
Saturday Dec 28th - Rossland Co-ed Bring a Friendly Buddy

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hockey Week of Dec 10th

Hey Ladies!! well there is lots o hockey this week!!! Starting tomorrow (Dec 11th) with a friendly mix up with the Budz 8:45pm in Trail, big ice, we have been invited to their ice twice and them to ours... It is alot of fun, chill hockey where we mix up and play with the men not against... so hopefully we have a good turn out, and Ida has offered to play net for us, thank you!!
On Saturday I have been waiting to here back from Nelson but it doesn't look that promising for them to come... we can do bring a buddy co-ed will be fine cause I think our numbers won't be too high, but lets try and get two goalies for that day, does anyone want to take that on, I have way too much going on at the moment... (I am timing for Cross Country skiing all weekend) THEN PARTYSATURDAY NIGHT!!! let's get er going early!!
AND THEN SUNDAY we play the cougars!!! wowsers that is a lot of hockey... sorry I wish it could be spread out a little better.
Hopefully see you starting tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bring a Buddy on our ice in Trail this Saturday!! Nov 30th

Hey ladies, reminder that is bring a buddy or more (friendly guys are fine) to our regular ice in Trail this weekend at 11:30, there are no goalies lined up that I know of and we will have the smokettes gear in GF, if anyone wants to line up the goalies, go for it or just wing it like we did last weeekend and it was super fun... hopefully those of you not going to GF will play in Trail. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Smokettes Christmas Party

A date has been set for the evening of December 14th, time and location yet to be determined, more info to come to Smokettes by e-mail.

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Schedule Update

The calendar on the web page has now been updated for the rest of the season. Please see below for line by line schedule. Kari is working in redoing the monthly calendar. If anyone has a copy please let someone know so she does not have to redo it. If there are any mistakes please e-mail trailsmokettes@gmail.com Thank you.

Thursday Nov 28th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Nov 30th 11:30am big rink

Thursday Dec 5th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Dec 7th 7:30 Rossland
Thursday Dec 12th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Dec 14th 11:30am big rink
Saturday Dec 14th Christmas Party
Thursday Dec 19th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Dec 21st 7:30 Rossland
Saturday Dec 28th 7:30 Rossland

Thursday Jan 2nd 7pm kids rink
Saturday Jan 4th 11:30am big rink
Thursday Jan 9th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Jan 11th 8:45 Rossland
Thursday Jan 16th 7pm kids rink
Thursday Jan 23rd 7pm kids rink
Saturday Jan 25th 7:30 Rossland
Thursday Jan 30th 7pm kids rink

Saturday Feb 1st 7:30 Rossland
Thursday Feb 6th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Feb 8th 11:30am big rink
Thursday Feb 13th 7pm kids rink
Saturday Feb 15th 7:30 Rossland
Thursday Feb 20th 7pm kids rink
Friday Feb 21st to Sunday Feb 23rd
Thursday Feb 27th 7pm kids rink

Saturday Mar 8th 11:30am big rink
Saturday Mar 15th 11:30am big rink
Saturday Mar 22nd 11:30am big rink

Saturday Mar 29th 11:30am big rink

Monday, November 25, 2013

Need Players for Grand Forks this Weekend

Great meeting tonight so many smart organized Smokettes who have put a lot of energy into our team. Thanks ladies:-) 

We desperately need a goalie this weekend. As well we need players. If you can only make it for 1 or 2 games as opposed to the whole weekend that would be a big help. It is $15 a game and as of now we only have 9 players.
What about coming for Sat afternoons 5pm game, party down we are all going stay in a motel (probably across from arena) and play Sun. morning 8am and 2pm (I think). No pressure (ok just a little). Hope to see you this weekend it's going to be fun!

For more info please contact:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grand Forks Tournament Schedule

(From Grand Forks) Hi everybody!

Sorry I haven't been able to get this out sooner, but we had a team drop out some other requests, that we have had to change the schedule several times. Every team is now guaranteed 4 games, Men's 3 round robin games and a playoff game. Women 4 round robin games. Sorry we couldn't meet every request, and hope the schedule can work for everybody. Dressing room numbers are in brackets Looking forward to great fun weekend!! see you soon :) 

Friday DR DR
5:15 B Bettys (3) vs W Bettys (4)
6:45 Bulls (2) vs BE lightening (1)
8:15 Dusters (4) vs Peter North Stars (3)
9:45 Cougars (2) vs Jets (1)

8:00 Smokettes (3) vs W Bettys (4)
9:30 BE lightening (2) vs Peter North Stars(1)
11:00 Bulls (4) vs Dusters (3)
12:30 Jets (1) vs W Bettys (2)
2:00 B Bettys (4) vs Cougars (3)
3:30 Dusters (1) vs BE lightening (2)
5:00 Jets (4) vs Smokettes (3)
6:30 Bulls (2) vs Peter North Stars(1)
8:00 Smokettes (1) vs Cougars (2)
9:30 B Bettys (4) vs Jets (3)
11:00 Men #3 (1) vs Men #4 (2)
12:30 Cougars (3) vs W Bettys (4)
2:00 B Bettys (2) vs Smokettes (1)
3:30 Men #1 (4) vs Men #2 (3)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Picture from Fundraiser for Carol

Here's a picture from the fund raiser for Carol this summer, a little late but a nice picture. Thanks everyone.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Skate is Bring a Co-ed Buddy

Hey Ladies!! This Thursday is Halloween so... there might be reduced numbers attending so why don't we make it a bring a buddy COED is fine (nice smokette friendly buddies only) just make sure they know it is the small ice, 10.00 for buddies on the small ice. Let me know if you are bringing a buddy... i am inviting Michelle Trainor and Heather Hamilton Simm. I may put it out to the Cougars if I don't hear back from anybodies Buddies...
THEN this friday night we have a game IN NELSON in the new complex at  8:15pm , 
Please let me know ASAP if you are attending this game incase we need to recruit some extras,
last year we had 13 it was super fun we met for dinner first at the GRAND hotel! Please get back sooner then later!! thanks!
Kari K

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tri Cities Round Robin Tournament - Dec 2013

Smokettes have not committed to this tournament but thought I would put it up on the web page incase there is interest.

December 6th, 7th, and 8th
Ladies, as your season begins, remember to save the date for our Women's Ice Hockey Tournament
"Tri Cities Round Robin." More details coming soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Gulch Cats & Kootenay Cougars Ice Hockey Tournament!

Hello Ladies!
The Kootenay Cougars are co-hosting a tournament January 31Feb 1 & 2 with the Gulch Cats mens team and we have yet to decide if we are going to join or not.
8 Mens Teams!
6 Womens Teams!
Drinks after every game!
Social Lounge
Banquet - Dinner and Dance featuring Blue Crush Band!
Tourney Entry - $900
To be received by December 20, 2013
If you are interested please voice your opinion at the Smokettes locker room.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Betty's Mixer Hockey Tournament!

The Betty's Mixer hockey tournament will be on Friday Nov 29th to December 1st. They are looking to having 6 men's teams and 4 ladies, but are trying to have 6 ladies teams as well.  If you are interested please let someone know in the Smokette's locker room know. Sign up before Nov 1st.

Friday, October 11, 2013

November Schedule On Calendar

Sign up for the game in Nelson on Nov. 1st and both upcoming tourneys in Kaslo and Grandforks are $55.00 each, the sign-up book will be at hockey!! Bring your cheque book!
ps. we are not committed to any other tournaments until ours in February. Maybe the Cats/Cougars on Feb 1st.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Schedule Updated

Hello Ladies!!! GAME ON!! first ice this thursday night October 3 in Trail on the ice by 7 pm!!! bring your Check if you haven't already... On the following Saturday you'll see we have a Skills practice with Dan D. Non smokettes $13.00; Smokettes $3.00.  I am still working on the rest of the schedule and will get it to you asap!!
See you thursday!
Kari K

Friday, September 20, 2013

First Ice Time Thursday October 3rd

The first ice time has been confirmed as Thursday October 3rd 7pm to 8:15pm at the Cominco Arena Kids Rink. When I have the full schedule I will post and update the calendar.

Children's Carnival (Saturday September 21st)

Hey Ladies!

Smokettes are going to have a booth at the Children's Carnival and Benefit Concert this weekend in honour of Carol Enns it is at the Rossland Arena parking lot 11-7! It will be super fun... bring your families and if you could spare a couple hours the organizers would sure appreciate it, please let me know which 2 hours you can commit to or whatever time you can help out. We will have the basic first aid station at our booth, bring your jersey and a chair. Please let me know, thanks!! Also if you have anything that we could put into a basket that we could raffle off that would be awesome! Let me know and we'll figure it out!

thank you and Carol thanks you!

Even if you don't know Carol it doesn't matter, what matters is we are helping a wonderful person who happens to be a Smokette and need our help!

Kari K

HOCKEY!!!! Sign-Up Day

Hello Smokettes!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to sign up for yet another year of awesomeness!!!!
WHEN: Monday September 23rd, 2013
WHERE: Red Room Lounge
TIME: 7pm onwards
PLAN: Sign your life away, pay the man .....I should say WO-man, have a few bevies/eat and start the season off with a bang! 

Bring cash or cheque (made out to Rossland or Trail Smokettes) - This year it is $225 if you are going to help out at our tournament in February or $275 if you are not going to help.

Looking forwards to seeing you all there!
Cheers, Bevies, Brassieres !

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Creston Ladies/Mens Old timers Shaky Legs Hockey Tournament Oct 19/20

Hi All,
Hockey season is starting up!!! First tournament of the year!!
Email tracy mac to let her know if you are interested!  tracy dot wisted at gmail dot com


This is an invite to your team to attend the Creston Ladies (and Mens Oldtimers) Shaky Legs Tournament.  We have changed the date this year to October 19th and 20th.  There will be more details to follow, but I just wanted to get the word out there as it is fastly approaching.  Please let me know if your team is interested in attending.  I am looking at a fee of $650 with a guarantee of 3 games, a good lunch and alot of fun.


Shelley Livingstone
Creston Ladies Jets

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2012-2013 Smokette's Scholarship Award

Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share some great news with the team.  The winner of the Smokette's Scholarship for 2012-2013 is Sally Steeves, Alli Eves daughter.  Sally is going to the University of Calgary on a full academic scholarship.  

    Sally sent us a lovely thank you note, which read,


    Thank you so much for recognizing me with this award.  It feels so wonderful to be a part of your community.

    I will be spending the next 4 or 5 years studying engineering at the University of Calgary and your scholarship will certainly make everything easier.

Thanks again,

Sally Steeves

    Good job everyone, it's so amazing to be a part of a team that gives so much back to the community.  See you all on the ice soon!