Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Most wonderful Time of the Year!

Smokettes and exSmokettes!

    Prepare yourselves for the Christmas party of the year!  Save the date, Saturday December 19th at the Rossland Arena, 7:30pm for the skate, followed by appetizer pot luck and secret Santa at 8:45 in the lounge.  BYOB, and maximum cost for the gift is $10. Everyone who has ever been a Smokette will be there.  You are going to have too much fun.

See you there, Ho Ho Ho!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sat Dec 5th - Bring A Buddy to Rossland

Our first ice time in Rossland this year is on Saturday Dec 5th at 7:30pm and we have decided to make it a Bring a Buddy, male or female. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

2015/2016 Team Photo

2015/2016 Smokettes
Back (l to r): Ida, Leanne, Heather, Sue, Nicole, Dixie, Heidi, April, Jacyln, Caitlin
Middle (l to r): Shelley, Janice, Carolyn, Bridget, Tracey, Kari, Holly, Laura, Divana, Kathleen, Christine
Front (l to r): Janice and Mallory

Grand Forks

Thanks to the Grand Forks Bettys
for the fabulous tournament! 

A Last Minute Hockey Opportunity!

I manage the rink here in Whitefish Montana.  We have a women's tournament this weekend and I just had a team bail out. 

Since I don't think I will get an entire team on short notice, I am going to try to piece a team together.  I have a couple of Fernie gals that would come down, one gal from Calgary, one from Missoula.  Sometimes, these throw together teams are the most fun!

Are you interested?

Andy Hergesheimer
Whitefish Adult Hockey Association


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Grand Forks Update

Hello Smokettes,
   From what I understand Smokettes take 15 to tournaments, first to pay, get to play.  So at this point we have 3 spots left. For those that brought $$ last night, sorry I am sick or I would have been there. 

Hotel booked for Saturday night Nov 28th at Motel 99.  Cost is $79 per night plus tax.  If you would like a bed of your own please let me know asap.  Deadline for hotel cancellation is Saturday, November 21, 2015 so make note as I don't want anyone without a bed.

Still waiting on schedule.  I have asked, if possible for 2 games Saturday and 1 Sunday.  As well, I've gently reminded them of travel time etc, and Grand Forks said they would do what they could.  They come to our tournament so they know the travel, etc required.  Again fingers crossed but we'll take what we get.

I think that is it.  Have a great skate Saturday as I'm out of town but will be there Thursday Nov 19th :)

thanks for your patience

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grand Forks Tourney Nov 27-29th Cost $50 plus room

Hey Smokettes,
Another skater has signed up for Grand Forks so we now have 10 players, come on ladies just a few more!!!  I'm still waiting on schedule so hopefully will get that soon, fingers crossed.  Again, if you're interested in Grand Forks please let me know...Tickets going fast!
As well, for those that have signed up for Grand Forks please let me know your email address (that way Divana doesn't have to send out tons of emails to everyone), and position you'd like to play.
Unfortunately, I won't be there tonight or saturday so have a great skate


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Creston - Fun, Fun, Fun, Now onto Grand Forks!!!

Hello Smokettes,
 Well I think we all survived Creston, barely lol   We won all three games, had tons of laughs, and best of all were treated to an outstanding, bar cheering karaoke rendition of 'Piano Man' that will keep us smiling for years to come.  Thanks Mary!!!  I will never think of that song the same again, fabulous :)

Which brings me to our next tournament;
  Grand Forks - Nov 27-29, 2015
  Cost $50 plus room
  Schedule - TBA  (I've requested if possible to play 2 games sat and 1 sunday)  
  Rooms are booked

So we have 9 skaters so far...sound familiar hahaha   If you are interested please let me know sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.  I have a feeling this one will be just as memorable!!!
thanks ladies

Friday, November 6, 2015

Saturday Nov 7th; 11:30am Bring A Buddy

Hello Smokettes and Buddies,

With the tournament in Creston this weekend it looks like our numbers are going to be quite low on the ice tomorrow so we have decided to open it up to bring a Buddy, male or female. Come on out and skate skate skate.

We do not have any goalies at this point because both Mallory and Janice are going to be in Creston. If you know of someone who wants to play sign them up and send an e-mail to just so we do not get too many goalies.

See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nov 7 & 8th - Creston (1hr ahead) Here We Come!!!

Hellooooo Smokettes,
We have 13 skaters signed up for Creston, yahoooooo.  Game times are Sat Nov 7th at 12:00 - 1:15pm vs Cranbrook, 4:30-5:45pm vs Grand Forks, Sun Nov 8th 8:30 am-9:45am vs Creston.  Hotel is the Creston Hotel and Suites for those who indicated they need a bed.  

This is what your $45 dollars gets you this weekend;
-6 teams this year for the tournament
-3 x 20 min run time periods, with 5 min break between periods, 15 min ice clean
-no slap shots
-penalties will be 3 mins run time
-lunch on Saturday, which will include Chili, buns and veggies.
-drink after each game 
-drink and burger special on Saturday evening at Jimmy's Pub anytime after 6pm.  

Other items - who's got what *:) happy
Carpooling - discuss this thurs night at practice
                - unable to make it please email me with contact info and whether you want to be a driver or passenger
drink cooler - can't leave home without it
Pucks - can we grab some thursday 
          - hate to warm up Mal with imaginary pucks lol but tournament goers know this does happen 
Jersey's - everyone have one

I think that is it,
see everyone Thursday
Christine didn't think I would forget to plug the Grand Forks Tournament happening Nov 27 & 28.  $50 per person plus room. We already have 8 signed up....Just saying :)

Bench App

Hi Everyone,

You will all be receiving an email (maybe in your junk mail) from BenchApp - it is a new app we are using for the Smokettes to try and keep track of how many players we will have at each practice/game. That way if we are really short we can always invite players ect.  The only way this will work is if people give their availability - so please click whether you are "In" or "Out"!  You do not have to download the App, as you'll get emails but it is nice to have the app to see numbers and the calendar of when our games are. Here is the link to download the app:)

I have added each of you to the roster, so when you go on the app - you can edit your information and put in your position, phone number ect if you would like. There is also a way to message each other with the chatter feature for just quick reminders.

If you have any questions or want to be deleted because you are not playing this year pls send me an email and let me know at h_schadeli at hotmail dot com.  Hopefully this will work out well!!

Heidi Harapnuk

Monday, November 2, 2015

Creston Jets Shaky Legs Tournament Nov 7-8

Hellooooo Smokettes 
Here is the Creston schedule!!!  We have 10 players so far that can make all 3 games.  At this point games are now open to 1st pay gets to play at $15 a game if you can fill a spot. Full tourney is $45 plus room. 

Speaking of rooms, tomorrow Nov 2nd at 4 pm is hotel deadline. So if you are  just jumping on board PLEASE let me know asap if you are going to need a bed for saturay night. 

So come on ladies you know it's going to be a blast!!

If you are interested in full tourney or games please email me at christinevenus721 at yahoo dot ca 

thanks ladies

PS those that are going can you please email me if you prefer forward, defense etc and  i'll discuss with Janice, Barb and Holly lines for tourney.

Thanks ladies 🍻

Good day all, 
I was waiting for replies from a few teams, and we now have the schedule ready. 

-We will have 6 teams this year for the tournament. 
-3 x 20 min run time periods, with 5 min break between periods, 15 min ice clean
-no slap shots
-penalties will be 3 mins run time
-lunch on Saturday, which will include Chili, buns and veggies. 
-beer after each game 
-beer and burger special on Saturday evening at Jimmy's Pub anytime after 6pm. 

9:00-10:15am    Trail Cougars vs Creston Jets

10:30-11:45am.    Grand Forks vs Nelson

12:00-1:15pm.    Trail Smokettes vs Cranbrook Shooters

1:30-2:45pm.   Creston Jets vs Nelson

3:00-4:15pm.  Trail Cougars vs Cranbrook Shooters

4:30-5:45pm.  Grand Forks vs Trail Smokettes

8:30-9:45am.  Creston vs Trail Smokettes

10:00-11:15am.   Cranbrook Shooters vs Grand Forks

11:30-12:45am.   Nelson vs Trail Cougars

I hope the above works well for everyone.  Look forward to seeing you all in Creston next weekend. 

Creston Jets

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ice Tonight, Thursday and Saturday

A quick reminder to everyone that we have ice in Rossland tonight Wed October 28th with the Hooches at 8pm. Always some good laughs and a great time.

Thursday night regular ice and on Saturday at 11:30 we have a "mix-up" game with the Wildcats with a ref and lines helpers.

See you all out there.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hockey Today - Two Goalies


1) Sorry for the late note from Ida:

I'm going to suck it up and go in goal today so that we have two for the big ice. Try to make it out, and bring a friend if you can to make it worth while!

2) Picture day has been moved to November 26th, bring your smiles

3) Numbers so far for Creston = 9 plus goalie
Numbers so far for Grand Forks = 6 plus goalie

As well, due to hotel cancellation policy etc, approximate deadline signup for Creston will be Oct 31th, and for Grand Forks it will be Nov 21st.  That will give us a week to confirm numbers, rooms, extra skaters, etc. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Saturday October 17th - Skills

The Smokettes are excited to welcome Rob Wright to our ice time on Saturday October 17th.
Come to the Red Floor Room (upstairs across from the library, near the washrooms) at the rink for 10 am to have a little chalk talk with Rob, learn the drills and possibly the weight of a puck. We then have ice at 11:30 am where Rob will run us through all the drills and teach us some new skills.

If you can not make the Chalk talk you are still more than welcome to come out to the ice time, just be ready with your keen ears to learn the drills quickly.

This is guaranteed to be a fun time as Rob is full of energy and helpful tips.

One more note to add to your schedule: we have invited the Wildcats (U16 Kootenay Girls Team) to our ice time on Saturday October 31st. They may be little but they are fast, usually a hilarious time is had by all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Creston and Grand Forks Tournaments

Hello Smokettes,
  Just a reminder that the Creston Tourney is Nov 6 & 7 ($45 plus room -  Barb has already booked the rooms, same place as last year) and Grand Forks Nov 27 & 28th ($50 plus room - still to book).
  We already have players signing up so if you are interested there will be sign up sheets tomorrow at hockey.  
  Payment is required at the same time as sign up. 
see you at hockey,

Barb and Christine

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First Ice is Tomorrow October 1st

Hello Smokettes,

The schedule is now up to date and our first ice is tomorrow night in Trail on the Kids Ice at 7:15pm. 

If you have not paid, Bridget will be at the ice tomorrow to collect cheques, $225 if volunteering at the tournament, $275 if not.

There is a possibility that a lot of women could show up tomorrow, have patience and remember quick shifts.

Friday, September 18, 2015

First Ice October 1st 7:15 pm Trail

Thank you to all that came out to the sign-up night last night, it was a good time (even though I did not get there till the very end).

Please send an e-mail to if you would like to be added to our e-mail distribution list.

Fees this year are $225 with volunteering, $275 if you will not be volunteering at the tournament this year, Feb 19th to 21st, 2016 in Rossland. Don't forget to pay before you play. Money can be given to anyone on the executive:

Divana Whitley - Communications
Carolyn Amantea- Jersey's
Barb Robertson - Away Tournament Coordinator
Janice Nightingale - Scheduler
Ann Jenkin/Bridget Kivell - Co-Treasurers
Holly Jenkin - Captain
Kathleen Kandborg - Donations

If you did not make the list don't worry more positions are available when the Smokettes tournament becomes closer.

Our first ice time is October 1st at 7:15pm but we might be able to get on the ice at 7 if you want to warmup first. Kids ice in Trail.

The second ice time is Saturday October 3rd at 11:45am on the big ice in Trail. If you know any females that are looking to sign-up and are not quite sure please bring them along as it is Bring a Buddy ice. Schedule on the webpage will be updated with September and Octobers schedule by the end of the day today.

That is all for now,

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer the Smokette way!

In the summer, a Smokette misses her hockey!  But not to worry, the season will be here soon!!  See you at sign up night, September 17th, 2015.

Monday, August 31, 2015

2015/2016 Sign-up Night Sept 17th

Sign-up night is Thursday September 17th, starting at 7pm at the Tunnel Pub ( Come by whenever you can for a quick hello or a full dinner.

Cost is still yet to be determined but should be close to last years cost of $225 plus a one time refundable deposit of $100 for jerseys.

If you can not make sign-up night, please bring your money to the first ice time and please pay before you play! The calendar on the website should be updated with our ice times very soon. First ice is Thursday October 1st.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Michael Hinde Memorial Fund - Donation

The Rossland Trail Smokettes presented a cheque for $1000 to Margeurite Hinde, administrator of the Michael Hinde Memorial Fund, this summer.  The Michael Hinde Memorial fund helps youth with financial disadvantages to attend a diverse range of activities throughout the year, including camps, sports leagues, music or art lessons, educational and cultural events. The members of the Smokettes are excited to provide assistance to an organization that is managed and located locally.  We also appreciate that the focus of the Fund is eclectic, and covers a variety of activities for both boys and girls.  More information about the Michael Hinde Memorial fund may be found through Castlegar and District Community Services: ATTENTION: The Michael Hinde Memorial Fund, or phone  250-608-2467.

photo by M. Ramsey

The Rossland Trail Smokettes raised the donation money during their annual Rossland RoundUp hockey tournament.  The Rossland Trail Smokettes will be holding their sign up night for this season on Thursday, September 17th, in the evening.  More information about the team can be found on our website:, or email us at

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pender BBQ

Hi All,

Steve from the Pender Islanders would like to extend and 
enthusiastic invitation to all Smokette's and their families to join 
them at the Annual Pender BBQ on June 26th. He asks that we let him 
know how many are coming, so that her can order the food - I assume it's 
a byob. Also, they have lots of room for camping, and there are some 
rooms available on the island if you are not a camper.

To give Steve a general idea of how many are coming please complete the doodle poll sent out with a GOING or MAYBE

Thanks, see you all soon,


Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Hockey

Hey there Smokettes!

    So you think because the sun is out , and you've been for a bike ride, there is no more hockey?  You couldn't be more wrong!

    The Smokette's have the big ice booked in Trail for the 14th, 21st and 28th of March at 11:30 am.  But wait, there's more!  Just for the month of March, it's bring a buddy - any buddy!  So bring that friend that has always wanted to try hockey, bring your significant other, bring handsome young men you've picked up on the street, but come out and enjoy the last few ice times before summer is really here.

    But the deal just keeps getting better!  If you come out in the next 3 weeks, you have the chance to pay off your beer tab and we'll throw in the opportunity to play in the Blueliner's Hockey Tournament the weekend of April 17th, 18th and 19th.  Call now ( or sign up on the doodle - all ice times to be determined later), and we can either put in our own team, or join the Kaslo girls for fun in Nelson - maybe there will be a bench or two involved?

See you all on Saturday

Also here is a poem to get you in the hockey mood from Thursday Chuck!

Thank you ,
For having us up to Rossland 
What a great holiday 😄
You are all ,just the coolest ladies of hockey 😝
What amazing ambassadors ,for women's hockey !!
Well done ladies ,will be looking forward to 
The summer bbq ,and hiking and hockey 
And disc golf and kayaking ,in June ?
Tyler Wilson ,thinks you should pull a 
U haul trailer with your hockey gear in it ,
And play with us in Richmond ,at the 
Olympic oval ,on your way to pender 
Then play again ,a few days later in 
Victoria ?
Lots of options 😃
Once again thank you ,for having us 
See you in June . . 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Max Ice Tournament March 6,7,8 - Castlegar

I am looking to get a few players together for a mash up team to play in the max ice tournament. I am the contact.

Games are:
Friday March 6th at 10pm Castlegar Complex
Saturday March 7th at 9:55 am Pioneer Arena
Sunday March 8th 9:00 am Castlegar Complex

If you want to play in any of the games please sign up with the Doodle Poll.


Drillers Tournament Interest Required by Friday Noon

Hello Ladies,

Kari K has been contacted by the Drillers for their Tournament on March 27th to 29th.
If interested please sign up by email kari directly at kuznecov at
If we get enough interest by this Friday Feb 27th (YES THIS FRIDAY BEFORE NOON)  then she will sign us up and details will follow. She was hoping this info could go out in an email asap, and be talked about Thursday eve at hockey, could someone bring it up for her?  Can someone text her friday and let her know the general feeling about playing in this tourney, that would be great. No pressure, just thought it would be a fun one!

Note from Kari "This is just my take, I think the Drillers tourney would be really fun for ANY AND ALL of the Smokettes, (it is classified as intermediate, like Creston tourney) It does fall the last weekend of spring break, though"

spring tourney MARCH 27-29
We are going to organize both men and women’s teams for this tourney.  Please forward to your spouse/partner’s team contact so they can join us.  I need to confirm how much ice we will need for this awesome tournament.  Our complex is requesting payment for our ice slots for this tournament by March 1st, 2015 as there are many other user groups wanting more ice in March.  So if your team wants a spot we will need payment by March 1st in order to have ice time for your team to join in.  We would love to have six women’s teams so please pass this onto other teams you think would like to join in.  Intermediate level hockey.
 Saturday night – dance in the curling club – crawling distance from both rinks.
 Fee $750.00/team
 I need to know ASAP if you are in so please send your cheques to:
Theresa Montpellier
2206 Silver King Rd.
Nelson, BC  V1L 1C9 or email transfer to this email address.
Make cheques out to Nelson Women’s Hockey.
The main rule for the men’s teams is it is a 30+ tournament so very strict on that rule!
Theresa   "Theresa Montpellier" <montees at>

ps. great job on the tourney! playing for the cougars against the smokettes sucked!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

List of Lost and Missing Things From Tournament...

Oh shoot! I just remembered I had my coffee thermos at the rink Sunday...
It was left in the kitchen. Grey. Did anyone pick it up?
Thanks ladies. Sorry
~ Jody

I also have a pair of black and white checkerboard flip flops. Nicole?

And the other one is still in the lounge......must be a Smokette's!
Great tournament everyone!

I had leather gloves. Is is kinda worn looking?

Hi, everyone!  Great tournament!!  I have 1 black leather glove at my house, let me know if it's yours!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bring A Valentine Feb 14th

Tomorrow Feb 14th, 7:30pm in Rossland, bring a Valentine or someone you really like, male of female welcome!

Tournament Draw

2015 Smokettes Hockey Tournament
February 20, 21 & 22

Divisions: Women                          Men-Open           Men-Over 45
         Smokettes                     Gulch Cats                    Over The Hill
         Black Bettys          Jr LoneStars                           Pender Island
         Blue Liners                    Grand Forks                           Sr LoneStars
         Cougars                        Bench Warmers             Fossil Mash Up

Game #      Start Time           Teams and Dressing Rooms

Game 1       6:00PM                Over The Hill (1)            Sr LoneStars (2)  
Game 2       7:25PM                Smokettes (WR)            Cougars (4)
Game 3       8:50PM                Jr LoneStars (1)             Gulch Cats (2)

Game 4       9:00AM                Grand Forks         (1)              BenchWarmers (2)        
Game 5       10:25AM              Fossil Mash Up (3)         Over The Hill (4)
Game6        11:50AM              Smokettes (WR)            Black Bettys (1)   
**Game 7**11:30**Cominco   Blue Liners (8)               Cougars (2) *Trail
Game 8       1:15PM                Jr LoneStars (3)             Grand Forks (4)
Game 9       2:40PM                Pender Island (1)            Over The Hill (2)
Game 10     4:05PM                Fossil Mash Up (3)         Sr LoneStars (4)
Game 11     5:30PM                Gulch Cats (1)               BenchWarmers (2)
Game 12     6:55PM                Blue Liners (3)               Black Bettys (4)
Game 13     8:20PM                Pender Island (1)            Sr LoneStars (3)

Game 14     9:00AM                Cougars(1)                    Black Bettys(3)
Game 15     10:25AM              BenchWarmers(3)          Jr LoneStars(4)
Game 16     11:50AM              Gulch Cats(1)                Grand Forks(2)
Game 17     1:15PM                Smokettes(WR)             BlueLiners(4)
Game 18     2:40PM                Pender Island(1)             Fossil Mash Up(2)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tournament Sign-ups - Salad and Tasks

The tournament is fast approaching, we have two things for everyone to sign up for:

1) Ladies 
I'm looking for 12 or so volunteers to bring a salad to our tourney banquet on February 21st. If you are able to help please email me for details.  Impactgroup at
Thanks ladies

2) Hi, everyone!  The tournament is coming up quickly now (less than 2 weeks away!) and as you can see, the volunteer sign up sheet is looking rather me at bridgetkivell at to sign up!!


50/50, raffle and tickets
Friday Feb 20th:
10pm to close

Saturday Feb 21st:
5-7pm Wendy & Jodi T

Sunday Feb 22nd:


Friday, February 6, 2015

Reminder: Two Games This Weekend and Drinks

We have two games scheduled for this weekend:

Saturday Feb 7th at 7:45pm in Rossland with the Hooches. It looks like a bunch of the ladies are planning to head to the Shovel after the game so bring your dancing shoes and go get your dance and drink on!

Sunday Feb 8th at 6:15pm in Trail on the Big Ice with the Lonestars. Will be a fun time, they are super laid back.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Smokette Tournament 2015 - Players

Hey Smokettes!
The tournament is fast approaching and I need to know who can play. A doodle poll has been created with our game times for the weekend. If you did not get the link please send an e-mail to Please go to the link and select all the games that you are available to play. Don't worry if lots of people have already agreed to play - the more the merrier! Games are $15 each. After people respond, I can begin sorting out exactly who plays which games.
If you have any questions, email me at mallory.wiens at


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nelson Looking for Players for Midway Tournament

Hay gals

Got a note from Michelle on the Nelson drillers/blue liners they are short players for midway this weekend (Feb 7/8). They have booked the entire newly renovated midway hotel down town, which is where the bash will be on sat night. Michelle' s cell is 250 five five one 4731.



Monday, February 2, 2015

Tournament Volunteer Schedule

Hi, everyone!  The tournament is coming up fast now and we need your help.  Here is a list of duties/times that we need volunteers for.  Please email me (bridgetkivell at with the times that work for you.  I can also bring the sign up sheet to practice next week.  I also need a few people to help set up and decorate around 4:30pm on Friday.  


50/50, raffle and tickets
Friday Feb 20th:
10pm to close

Saturday Feb 21st:

Sunday Feb 22nd: