Thursday, September 13, 2018

Smokette Sign up - last minute details

Hello All,

     Thanks for your responses, looks like we will have a full
compliment of Smokettes for Thurday!  Some final details:

1) Golf starts at 4pm.  Rate for 9 holes and a cart will be $39.00 
Check in at the pro shop.

2) Dinner at 6pm.  We are sharing the venue with a Teck group, so they
are having a big buffet, and our meals will be a plated burger and
family style salad served on the table.  Veggie burger requests are in.

3) For those of you popping by, due to the size of the 2 groups
together, the kitchen will not be able to provide food off the menu very
quickly.  If you would like to join the dinner, please change your
status on the Bench App asap.  Drinks will not be a problem whatsoever!

4) A number of the usual executive will not be in attendance, just due
to scheduling conflicts, so if anyone can help us collect, and collate
the sign up sheets and money, that would be great!  Fees for the year
remain at $225 for 3 ice times per week.  We do have some new people
coming, please introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome!

5) We are once again doing e-mail transfers. For more information please e-mail .

We are requesting that everyone pays before they play. If you can not direct deposit or come to the sign-up night please bring your money to the first ice time you come to. Bridget, Divana or Janice will be happy to collect the money and have you fill out the registration form. If you have financial hardship and a good reason why you will not be able to pay until a later date please e-mail us, we are open to options.

6) First two ice times are Wednesday October 3rd from 7:30 to 8:30pm on the kids rink in Trail. then Thursday October 4th from 8:00 to 9:00pm on the kids rink in Trail. Our first Saturday is October 13th at 7:45pm in Rossland. All this will be updated to the Google calendar on the website and into BenchApp in the coming weeks.

Spread the word, all are welcome.

See you all soon!

Janice, Divana and the rest of the hard working Smokettes!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

2018/2019 Sign-up Night - Thursday September 13th Redstone Golf Course

Hello Smokettes, past Smokettes and future Smokettes,

Another season is upon us and we have confirmed that the 2018/2019 sign-up night will take place at Redstone Golf Course in Rossland on Thursday September 13th. The evening is golfing 9 holes ($29 per person; 1/2 a cart is $10.50 per person) from 4-5pm. Then a burger buffet with salad ($15.95 per person) and sign-up in the clubhouse between 5 and 8pm. There will be a cash bar. 

Four options are available:
1) Golf and buffet
2) Golf only
3) Buffet Only
4) No golf, no buffet, you can order off the menu or come for a social sign-up time

Please respond in the doodle poll with your name and which number you would like to do. Example: Beatrice #1 or Phillipa #3. 

See you on the 13th,
The Smokettes