2020/2021 Season

2019/2020 Season
November 2nd and 3rd - Creston Shaky Legs - ???
November 15th to 17th - Grand Forks Black Betty's - Gabby; payment amount to follow

2017/2018 Season
Feb 10th to 12th - Midway - Ida Koric
Registration Open - 10 of 15 people registered and one goalie

March 9th, 10, 11th Max Ice in Castlegar - Fran Cameron
Registration Open - 1 of 15 people registered and one goalie

Smokette 2017/2018 Away Tournament Policy

1) Only those that have paid the current years fees are eligible to go to away tournaments.
2) 15 players and one goalie is the maximum number of players for each tournament team.
3) Two things are required for the Smokettes to commit to going to a tournament
A general interest BenchApp will be set up to get interest for each tournament. This does not mean that you are on the tournament team it only give us back-up to officially sign up and pay the downpayment for the tournament. Once we have enough interest that will be deleted.
- Someone is required to step up and be the team leader for each tournament. This person is responsible for collecting money for that tournament, making sure we have enough players, organizing the team and booking hotel rooms......
4) Once we have confirmation of a spot in the tournament and someone to organize, an e-mail will be sent out with the details. This will include
- The organizer of the tournament
- Cost per person (tournament fee divided by 15, usually about $50 to $60)
- Specific name to use on e-transfer to specify what the money is for

5) Once the e-mail is sent out confirming that we are in the tournament the first 15 people to pay will be going to the tournament. This year we have e-transfer and we would like to try to use that for tournament money as well as giving cheque or cash to the organizer (or alternate) at hockey. This is a trial run this year and if it does not work we will let people know. We will try to send out an e-mail as soon as all 15 spots are filled up. If you send an e-transfer after the 15 spots are filled we will not accept the transfer.

6) If you play in an away tournament you are not eligible to play in the next away tournament to give the other Smokettes a chance to go play in a tournament. If we do not have enough people then we will open it up to all Smokettes.

2017/2018 Season
November 17th to 19th Black Betty's in Grand Forks - Christine Venus $57


November 28/29 in Grand Forks

February 19/20/21 in Rossland (Smokettes Tournament)

November 16/17 in Kalso (Entry fee yet to be determined...)
November 29/30/ Dec 1 in Grand Forks please contact Corrine - $55 each

January 31/Feb 1/2 in Trail please contact Holly - $60 each
February 21/22/23 in Rossland (Smokettes Tournament)


November 17/18 in Kalso (Entry fee yet to be determined...)
November 23/24/25 in Grand Forks please contact Barb

February 15/15/17 in Rossland (Smokettes Tournament)


November 18/19/20 in Kaslo (Entry fee $50, dinner on Saturday night $10)
November 25/26/27 in Grand Forks (Entry fee $50)

February 17/18/19, 2012 in Rossland (Smokettes Tournament)

April 5/6/7/8 Las Vegas, Nevada


Kaslo - 3 games
November 20th, 2010 11:10am and 4:30 pm
November 21st, 2010 12:00 noon

November 27/28, 2010 in Grand Forks

February 18/19 and 20th in Rossland (Smokettes Tournament)