Sunday, February 26, 2017

Max Ice Tourney - Weekend of March 11th

I have 8 interested players already, and am looking for more to join the “hybrid” squad that is forming to go into the Castlegar Max Ice tourney (March 11 weekend)! Caitlin and Janis, you are already on my list. Mallory has graciously accepted to play net, as well!

If any more Smokettes would like to play, do not hesitate to contact Gabby at gabrielle dot herle at gmail dot com

First come, first serve for this awesome local tourney!

*Note: If there are a whole bunch interested, we could see about putting a second team in, depending on tournament room and/or how many players the other teams have.


Friday, February 3, 2017

2016-2017 Team Photo

Thanks to Kathleen, here is this years team photo!

Also, if you have signed up on Bench App for the Grand Forks tournament but not paid Barb please contact her (barb_063@hotmail dot com) to make sure there is still a spot available as Bench App was only for an expression of interest.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Smokettes Tournament Team 1 and Team 2

Hey, everyone!  The tournament is fast approaching and we need to get you guys into teams so people can sign up for volunteer duties.  Deadline for submitting requests is Monday, Feb 6 and after that date, all people who committed on bench app will be put randomly onto a team. Please let Barb know your preference ASAP (barb underscore 063 at hotmail dot com).

Barb and Bridget

Smokette Tournament Dinner Items

Hi All, 
Holly is starting a sign-up sheet for Saturday night dinner items for the tournament. We have pizza being brought in again this year, so items like salads, sides and desserts are best. People have brought vegetarian items in the past as well (chilli etc).
Thanks in advance for everyone’s contributions. Please feel free to sign up at hockey this Thursday (Holly will have a sheet) or send her at email at holly dot jenkin at teck dot com
Thanks Everyone!