Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekly Reminders

Hi ladies,
Here are this week’s reminders:
(1)    Hockey tonight – Trail Arena @ 7pm
(2)    Gulch Cats Tournament (in Trail) starts tomorrow. If you need a copy of the schedule let me know. We currently have about 12/13 players some people are only able to play Friday night etc. If you are interested please contact Barb or Laurine.
(3)    I will not be able to make it to hockey tonight as I have an appointment in nelson – I will be there after however to have a quick beverage with everyone J
(4)    Also note that I will be away next week so there will be no reminder email (unless someone else wants to send one)
That’s about it.
I will see you all tonight after hockey J
Cheers, Bbbrs, Brrrrrassieres!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tournament Meeting

Tourney Meeting Tuesday Jan 28th at 6:30pm at the Red Room Lounge Prestige if you can make it!!! Try and make a list of items that need to be discussed so we stay on track... we will try and keep it short-ish!! Hope to see you there!!! and If you are available any days this weekend to play hockey please let us know cause there maybe some spots to fill... thanks!
thanks KK!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carnival Parade Details

so the details are....

entrants meet at 6pm at the corner of Columbia & Butte- (Catholic Church top of the till)
Parade starts at 6:30
Bring a black or white Jersey.... and street stick... and if anyone has orange street hockey balls???
we run behind the truck and play shinny!!
who's in let us know..... and if at the last minute you are in just show up!!

Smokettes Tourney Full!!!

Rossland Round Up Fun Hockey Tourney is FULL...

Men's is full:
1. Cats
2. B.E. Lighting - Grand Forks
3. Benchwarmers -Ttrail
4. Avalanche- Fruitvale

Ladies is full
1. Smokettes
2. Cougars
3. Nelson Blueliners
4. Black Betties - Grand Forks

We now have 4 teams OLD TIMERS - Thanks to Mike Ramsey
1. Pender Island
2. Lonestars
3. Fossills
4. OTH

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Today with Cougars

Hi Ladies... wondering if anyone is lined up to play goal today with the Cougars... and if not is anyone interested? Janice, Ida, Sue Fantin?? Anyone else willing to wear the smokettes gear and give it a try?

ALSO Wondering who is planning to go to hockey next Saturday night? It is winter Carnival weekend and I am wondering about our numbers and if we should cancel, may need to pay anyways cause of short notice.... it may be hard to recruit numbers for that night...please let me know if you are or aren't planning on attending. thanks.

FRIDAY NIGHT PARADE....Last year we went into the winter carnival parade and it was super fun... we just played street hockey in our jerseys, behind our support truck...I think we should do that again if people are keen... let me know!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tournament Teams

Hi Ladies,

Well it has proved to be a struggle BUT Things are looking much better for our teams now for the tourney...
Men's is full:
2.Grand Forks
3.Benchwarmers - Trail
4.Avalanche - Fruitvale

Ladies is full
3.Nelson Blueliners
4.Grand Forks

Oldtimers 45+ still on spot available
2.Pender Bay
4. TBD

So we will have a lot of people playing hockey, having fun and donating to our charities.... Going to be awesome!!!

Holly and others I notice Tarr Carr is not making it on a lot of the emails I believe that this list is completes so try using it. Maybe Ann you can confirm if we are missing anyone...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thursday Jan 16, 2014 & Reminders

Hi all,
We are going to have a team photo taken at practice on Thursday Jan 16 – regular ice time in Trail at 7pm. If you have smokette jerseys please make sure you bring both.
Also, we don’t want to run too far into our ice time so try and make it a tad early so we can get the photo done and play!
 And just as reminders:
(1)    Ice this Saturday (jan 11) 7:30pm in Rossland.
(2)    Again team photo on Thursday Jan 16 – 7pm Trail
Have a great weekend everyone!


I will be sending out another email that will include all of the information discussed at the most recent tournament meeting.

Trail Tournament Jan 31, Feb 1st and 2nd

Hi All,
We are in need of some more people to play the trail tournament. If you are interested, please let me know and I can give you more details.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Smokettes Invitation

2014 Rossland Round-Up Annual Hockey Tournament

Every year, the Smokettes host a FUN hockey tournament and use the money raised to help local service clubs, charities and people in need.  Last year, last year we donated to :
* the Rossland Firefighters Christmas hamper
* the Trail Food Bank
* Kootenay Wildcats Junior Girls Rep team
* Rotary Interact Club
* a local family with a sick child
* our annual high school scholarship
This year, along with donating to our usual charities, we will be dedicating funds to Carol (ENZO) Enns, a former Smokette, and dear friend to many. Carol was critically injured when the car she was a passenger in was struck by a drunk driver in the states this summer, leaving her bones shattered and her eye sight gone. She has fought back so hard and is hoping to move back home soon, so there is much work to be done!

Where:  Rossland Arena
When:  February 21-23, 2014
Who:  Men's Rec League 19 and over, Women’s 19 and over AND
Men's Old-Timer’s (45 and over, may have up to two players that are 35 and over if they are regular players)
Cost: $700/team
What:  3 refereed games, game drinks, fully licensed lounge open till midnight friday and Saturday nights, DINNER included and Party on the Saturday night at the lounge!! Dancing All night!!

How:   a deposit of $200 due as soon as possible, and email us to let us know you are interested
Please make cheques payable to the Trail Smokettes, and send to : xxxxxx

Don’t delay in getting your deposit in, you won't have a spot guaranteed until your deposit is received.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Kari K at 250-xxx-xxxx,

Come and join us for A GREAT TIME!!!

Team Photo Jan 16th 7pm

TEAM PHOTO is Jan 16th at 7pm on our regular ice.... and job sign up for the tourney...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tournament Meeting at 5pm Tonight!

This is a little late getting onto the web page but if you can make it there is a tournament meeting tonight at Barb's.

Please come and help organize! Any and all skills welcome.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Hi All,
(1)    Ice tomorrow (Saturday Jan 4, 2014) at 11:30am on the big ice in Trail – Bring a buddy!!!
(2)    A few people have mentioned to me that they are no longer able to attend the Trail/ Cougars Hockey tournament at the end of this month – if you are interested and have not already paid a deposit please let me know – I believe there are two spots that have opened up.
(3)    Someone borrowed a Black Smokette’s Jersey from Nicole Langille (#57) – please check your bags for it – thnx!
That is all J