Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekly Reminders

Hi ladies,
Here are this week’s reminders:
(1)    Hockey tonight – Trail Arena @ 7pm
(2)    Gulch Cats Tournament (in Trail) starts tomorrow. If you need a copy of the schedule let me know. We currently have about 12/13 players some people are only able to play Friday night etc. If you are interested please contact Barb or Laurine.
(3)    I will not be able to make it to hockey tonight as I have an appointment in nelson – I will be there after however to have a quick beverage with everyone J
(4)    Also note that I will be away next week so there will be no reminder email (unless someone else wants to send one)
That’s about it.
I will see you all tonight after hockey J
Cheers, Bbbrs, Brrrrrassieres!


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