Sunday, September 2, 2018

2018/2019 Sign-up Night - Thursday September 13th Redstone Golf Course

Hello Smokettes, past Smokettes and future Smokettes,

Another season is upon us and we have confirmed that the 2018/2019 sign-up night will take place at Redstone Golf Course in Rossland on Thursday September 13th. The evening is golfing 9 holes ($29 per person; 1/2 a cart is $10.50 per person) from 4-5pm. Then a burger buffet with salad ($15.95 per person) and sign-up in the clubhouse between 5 and 8pm. There will be a cash bar. 

Four options are available:
1) Golf and buffet
2) Golf only
3) Buffet Only
4) No golf, no buffet, you can order off the menu or come for a social sign-up time

Please respond in the doodle poll with your name and which number you would like to do. Example: Beatrice #1 or Phillipa #3. 

See you on the 13th,
The Smokettes

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