Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drillers Tournament Interest Required by Friday Noon

Hello Ladies,

Kari K has been contacted by the Drillers for their Tournament on March 27th to 29th.
If interested please sign up by email kari directly at kuznecov at
If we get enough interest by this Friday Feb 27th (YES THIS FRIDAY BEFORE NOON)  then she will sign us up and details will follow. She was hoping this info could go out in an email asap, and be talked about Thursday eve at hockey, could someone bring it up for her?  Can someone text her friday and let her know the general feeling about playing in this tourney, that would be great. No pressure, just thought it would be a fun one!

Note from Kari "This is just my take, I think the Drillers tourney would be really fun for ANY AND ALL of the Smokettes, (it is classified as intermediate, like Creston tourney) It does fall the last weekend of spring break, though"

spring tourney MARCH 27-29
We are going to organize both men and women’s teams for this tourney.  Please forward to your spouse/partner’s team contact so they can join us.  I need to confirm how much ice we will need for this awesome tournament.  Our complex is requesting payment for our ice slots for this tournament by March 1st, 2015 as there are many other user groups wanting more ice in March.  So if your team wants a spot we will need payment by March 1st in order to have ice time for your team to join in.  We would love to have six women’s teams so please pass this onto other teams you think would like to join in.  Intermediate level hockey.
 Saturday night – dance in the curling club – crawling distance from both rinks.
 Fee $750.00/team
 I need to know ASAP if you are in so please send your cheques to:
Theresa Montpellier
2206 Silver King Rd.
Nelson, BC  V1L 1C9 or email transfer to this email address.
Make cheques out to Nelson Women’s Hockey.
The main rule for the men’s teams is it is a 30+ tournament so very strict on that rule!
Theresa   "Theresa Montpellier" <montees at>

ps. great job on the tourney! playing for the cougars against the smokettes sucked!

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