Monday, November 2, 2015

Creston Jets Shaky Legs Tournament Nov 7-8

Hellooooo Smokettes 
Here is the Creston schedule!!!  We have 10 players so far that can make all 3 games.  At this point games are now open to 1st pay gets to play at $15 a game if you can fill a spot. Full tourney is $45 plus room. 

Speaking of rooms, tomorrow Nov 2nd at 4 pm is hotel deadline. So if you are  just jumping on board PLEASE let me know asap if you are going to need a bed for saturay night. 

So come on ladies you know it's going to be a blast!!

If you are interested in full tourney or games please email me at christinevenus721 at yahoo dot ca 

thanks ladies

PS those that are going can you please email me if you prefer forward, defense etc and  i'll discuss with Janice, Barb and Holly lines for tourney.

Thanks ladies 🍻

Good day all, 
I was waiting for replies from a few teams, and we now have the schedule ready. 

-We will have 6 teams this year for the tournament. 
-3 x 20 min run time periods, with 5 min break between periods, 15 min ice clean
-no slap shots
-penalties will be 3 mins run time
-lunch on Saturday, which will include Chili, buns and veggies. 
-beer after each game 
-beer and burger special on Saturday evening at Jimmy's Pub anytime after 6pm. 

9:00-10:15am    Trail Cougars vs Creston Jets

10:30-11:45am.    Grand Forks vs Nelson

12:00-1:15pm.    Trail Smokettes vs Cranbrook Shooters

1:30-2:45pm.   Creston Jets vs Nelson

3:00-4:15pm.  Trail Cougars vs Cranbrook Shooters

4:30-5:45pm.  Grand Forks vs Trail Smokettes

8:30-9:45am.  Creston vs Trail Smokettes

10:00-11:15am.   Cranbrook Shooters vs Grand Forks

11:30-12:45am.   Nelson vs Trail Cougars

I hope the above works well for everyone.  Look forward to seeing you all in Creston next weekend. 

Creston Jets

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