Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hockey Week of Dec 10th

Hey Ladies!! well there is lots o hockey this week!!! Starting tomorrow (Dec 11th) with a friendly mix up with the Budz 8:45pm in Trail, big ice, we have been invited to their ice twice and them to ours... It is alot of fun, chill hockey where we mix up and play with the men not against... so hopefully we have a good turn out, and Ida has offered to play net for us, thank you!!
On Saturday I have been waiting to here back from Nelson but it doesn't look that promising for them to come... we can do bring a buddy co-ed will be fine cause I think our numbers won't be too high, but lets try and get two goalies for that day, does anyone want to take that on, I have way too much going on at the moment... (I am timing for Cross Country skiing all weekend) THEN PARTYSATURDAY NIGHT!!! let's get er going early!!
AND THEN SUNDAY we play the cougars!!! wowsers that is a lot of hockey... sorry I wish it could be spread out a little better.
Hopefully see you starting tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!

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