Friday, October 28, 2011

Bring a Buddy on Saturday!

Hey everyone,
I have no times for Grandforks the tournament fee had to be into day so I'm sure we'll hear something soon. All I have confirmed for Grandforks is Emma, Kathleen, Bridget and Myself. I will forward the invitation, thats all the info I have. Booking a couple of rooms at the motel across the street sounds good.

For Kaslo I have Ann, Holly, Emma, Janice and me? The Chicks are playing with Spokane, so we can't draw players from them this year so Smokettes sign up! For Kaslo this year on Saturday night there is a tournament dinner at the Legion it is $10. 

I told Carolyn to let everyone one know that Saturday is bring a buddy, so everyone bring a buddy. 
I cancelled our game in Grandforks on Saturday night as know one committed.


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