Monday, October 17, 2011

Rossland Pond Hockey Info

Hi all,

Happy fall. I wanted to provide a locals update on the Pond Hockey series. After three years of wrestling with mother nature,  and wondering if we will have ice to play on we've decided not to offer a Pond Hockey tournament in Rossland (despite the fact that accuweather says this coming winter will offer unseasonably cold temperatures starting in January). It's simply too much planning for local and out of town teams alike, and despite the fact that we have one of the best ice makers in the world on our side (Ray Von) and incredible support and effort from the likes of Darrin Albo, Ryan Zanussi and Rossland's Public Works department we just can't control the weather.

We do have options as the series expands with tournaments in Prince George Jan 20-22 and Invermere Feb 3-5th, and we will be contacting those winning teams from last year to discuss their free entry vouchers for this years tournament(s). 

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support, flexibility and energy and wish you all the best for a great hockey and ski season.

Hope to see you on the ice!


John Reed
Adventure Architects
skype: johnnyreed2

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