Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Smokettes Roster

Hello Smokettes,
  Below is the roster for our tournament, 2 games each as per usual arrangement.  If you are unable to make your game please let myself or Tracey know asap.  Payment collection will start Thursday night, Feb 11 at practice so please bring your $$$, $15 per game and payment must be received before you play.  As well, now that the roster is out please contact Bridget regarding tournament jobs.    Note..if you are looking for extra games the Betty's, Blueliners and the Cougars are looking for a few players.  So take a look at the schedule and let me know (Christine) and we'll get you a contact.

Friday 7:25 pm vs Cougars
Kathleen, Bridget, Nicole, Jaclyn, Tracey B, Christine, Ida, Mary, Meghan, Kari K, Laura, Jodi, Erin, Corlyn, April, Haley, Janice, Mal (goal)

Saturday 2:40 pm vs Betty's
Sue F, Kathleen, Bridget, Nicole, Jacyln, Christine, Alison, Carolyn, Nathalie, Meghan, Caitlin, Leanne, Michelle, Shelley,
Tracy Mc, Heather, April, Mal (goal)

Sunday 11:50 am vs Blueliners
Tracey B, Sue F, Alison, Ida, Carolyn, Nathalie, Divana, Caitlin, Leanne, Michelle, Laura, Jodi, Erin, Corlyn, Haley, Kari K, Mal (goal)

Positions will be available at game time.
thanks and see you tomorrow on the ice, 

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