Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Less than 2 Weeks Until our Tournament

Hello Smokettes!

    The countdown is on, less than
Janice 2 weeks until our tournament, the most fun you can ever have in an arena!  We need your help to make it happen.

1.  I need 6 Smokettes to purchase 6-15 packs. Bring your reciept and the drinks to the arena Friday or Saturday, and Janice will reimburse you with cash. E-mail Janice janice.n at telus dot net for more info

2.  I need a Smokette to coordinate some serious Smokette salad making!  We will need 12-15 salads for the dinner Saturday night, and we don't want them to all be the same.  If you are making a salad, please make a small card listing the ingredients, for allergy concerns and food preferences. Email janice.n at telus dot net

3.  Sign up for your game times!  E-mail Christine christinevenus721 at or Tracy yotrace at with your preferences.

4. Sign up to help in the lounge.  Many hands make light work, plus it's fun.  E-mail Bridget  bridgetkivell at for the task schedule, or Leanne leanne.hall at if you can help set up on Friday, or tear down on Saturday.

5. Nicole needs help picking up alcohol, mix and ice on Friday, and getting the bar set up.  Nicole has worked really hard at getting this organized, lets make this part easy for her!  Email niklangille at

    Let's not forget to have fun!  So excited to be spending a great weekend with you all.

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