Tuesday, November 9, 2021

2021-2022 Women's Hockey Opportunities in the Greater Trail Area

I have been hearing a lot about opportunities for women to play hockey this year and thought it would be a good idea to get it all in one place. If you have other options you know about please e-mail trailsmokettes@gmail.com and I will add it to the list or if you know that any of this info is incorrect.

Smokettes Thursday's 6:45pm Kids rink Trail and Saturday's 7:15pm Rossland
Ages: 19-99
Skill: No skill required - willing to have fun
Cost: $225 for the season
Contact: trailsmokettes@gmail.com

Genelle Millionaires Sunday's 4pm Kids Rink Trail (4 on 4)
Age: ??
Skill: Men's pick-up relatively fast depending on who shows up
Cost: Either $15 or $20
Contact: Jai Lok (jai.siri@gmail.com) to get on the spares list

Slow-kettes Wednesday Trail Kids Rink 7:45pm
Age: 19-99
Skill: Beginner very low key
Cost: $200 for the season confirm with Ann
Contact: Ann Jenkin (tajenkin@shaw.ca)

Women's in Rossland Sunday 2:30-4pm
Skill: all abilities (some skill building then scrimmage)
Cost: $10 drop-in but must preregister
Contact: Rossland Recreation Website  rossland.ca/recreation

Drop-in Fruitvale 10pm on Friday
Contact: Holly Jenkin (holly.jenkin@teck.com) is looking for the contact 

Monday in Trail with Trail Parks and Recreation
Skill: all skills skill and drills for half and scrimmage for half
Cost: 1 session fall 2021 and one session starting January $75 with TRP; $122.50 without
Contact: Trail Parks and Recreation

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