Friday, January 31, 2020

Tournament Games Choice

Hi, Ladies!

Thank you for you interest in playing in our annual tournament - 27 of us!

I would ask that you email me directly as soon as possible to let me know which team you would like to play on. The fee will be $20 per game - Team 1 players will pay $40 and Team 2 players $60. This can be e-transferred to the team email with the usual password.

Please email me directly at cjamantea at to let me know your preference as soon as you can...

Team 1 = 2 games. Saturday 9:00 am, Saturday 6:55 pm

Team 2 = 3 games. Friday 9:45 pm, Saturday 11:50 am, Sunday 1:15 pm

I am not the person making lines :) That will be done by someone else closer to the tournament.

Please commit to one of the two teams. It is a bit of a headache to have people picking and choosing games in the sense of making sure we don't have crazy numbers (low or high). There is a chance that we will have to re-jig the teams if one or the other has too many skaters. 

Looking forward to a weekend of fun!


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