Friday, January 5, 2018

Max Ice Tournament - March 9, 10 and 11

Smokettes! We have been invited to the 25th Annual Mac Ice Tournament, see below. Anyone interested in taking this one on? E-mail back if you are. The Doodle Poll is HERE for general interest. Once someone takes this on another e-mail will be sent.

25th Annual Max Ice tournament!
Hey Folks, 
Your team has been invited to the 25th Annual Max Ice tournament!
This year’s tournament will be taking place March 9, 10 and 11.
We are getting an early start on this year’s tournament to ensure that we have the best party…err tournament we have ever had. This is our 25th year of running this tourney so we will be going all out! I’m sure most of you know the deal but I have a quick rundown for you below and if you have any questions my contact info is also below. 
Our tournament starts Friday March 9th and will consist of 14 teams in 3 Divisions– Ladies, Competitive and Gentlemen’s. This year it will be a first pay / first play basis. I have already been contacted by multiple teams asking to register and their team checks are already in the mail. 
To get your team entered, please send your registration fee of $900 to
2430 10th Ave Castlegar BC V1N 3A2 
Entry Deadline will be February 1
***More teams have been contacted than ever before. We have gone back 25 years and contacted everyone that has participated in this tournament. We are expecting to be full before Feb 1.                     
Just a heads up ;)
Your entry fee gets your team 3 games , tasty beverages post game and entry to our Dinner/Dance Party/Extravaganza on Saturday night. 
Our dinner and dance will take place Saturday night with our Bar opening up at 6pm. Our house band will start rocking the place at 9pm and we will have raffle and card draws all night long. With it being our 25th year, we will have some extra fun planned for you all—stay tuned.  Of course, all funds gained through our raffle draws will be donated to charities and organizations in the community. 
I know most of you but just to be certain, please provide the following information with your team registration: Team Name, Division wanting to enter, Contact name and phone number. 
Thanks for your time and if you have any questions feel free to call, text or email.
max ice hockey

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