Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ferraro's on Sunday - Sign the Petition!

Hello everyone,

    Erika Bailey and Tracy McCallum Have generously offered to be in Ferraro's in Rossland this Sunday to talk to people and ask them to sign a petition asking the Mayor and Council not to close the Rossland Arena.  They will be there from approx 11am to 3pm. Please, if you get the chance, swing by and sign the petition. Please pass on this information to anyone else who wants to keep our arena open!

Go team!

Thanks, Janice.

A few words from Tracy:
I was at the budget meeting this is a very real situation and it came across extremely clear that if we want to keep our recreation opportunities ( In the case of the Smokettes the arena)  we need to let the city know how important it is to us. The City also requested ideas on how to make running the arena more cost efficent. The curling club had all its members sign a petition. Perhaps having our year end party and having a form letter for each Smokette to sign and deliver to the council... Or a petition. But to be realistic we need every Minor hockey family and rec hockey family and figure skating club member and their extended families and friends and neighbours to let the city know we need to keep our arena open. Perhaps setting up a table at Fereros for a couple of days with a petition or form letter? Getting Minor Hockey parents, other rec teams and figure skating club involved. After years of dealing with trying to save our school I've learned the easier you make it for people to voice their option the better... People are busy!!!  If all supporters have to do is sign their name to a letter or petition that's right in front of them while they are already out shopping and we take care of the rest I think we will get better results. Perhaps at the same time as their signing asking  if they have any ideas on how to generate more revenue for the arena or make it more cost efficient and we can jot those ideas down? Or ......perhaps a community meeting with those that have time... even if it's one member from each user group to brain storm? We probably won t  get a huge amount of people but we could still get small group of keen people that could come up with a diverse list of all kinds of great ideas? So we could hand in hopefully a thousand letters of support along with a hundred good ideas!

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