Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Saturday Ice and Kaslo Tournament Update

A few updates:

1) Our ice on Saturday is not longer skills training with Rob, he is unable to attend. When it is decided what is happening the calendar will be updated.

2)Kaslo Tournament Update from Tracy
Kaslo Tournament
Saturday November 22
Sunday November 23
Includes Game T shirt
$7 spagetti dinner ( vegi and gluten free option) at Legion. we can use this to have a raffle like last year to raise some funds for Carol Enns which was very successful
This will be our 3 rd year ( under new organizers)  if we go this year we get into the tournament next year for FREE!!  We miss we loose out.
Large room booked at Kaslo Motel.
Need to know commitment by Thursday Nov 9th after practice I won t be there so please email tmac05 at hotnail.com or call 364-three nine two three

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