Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Signup Night

Good Afternoon Smokin-ettes,
The sign-up night for the 2014/2015 Hockey Season will be held on the evening of Saturday September 27th @ contact a Smokette for location. Fees this year are as follows:
(1)    $225.00 for the year
(2)    Tournaments are separate (each tourney organizer will let you know come the time)
(3)     A jersey deposit will be requested… I am unsure of the dollar amount at this time…. I will try and let you know before the party…….ya we party on sign-up night
I’m thinking people can show up any time after 5pm, beverage and a simple appy if you have time (nothing crazy – chips & dip totally acceptable). Sign-up sheets will be ready for your signature.
If I have forgotten anything please let me know. Again new people are always welcome J
Cheers Beers Brassieres!
Heck Ya Smokin-ettes!


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