Monday, February 3, 2014

Rossland Round-Up Tourney Schedule

Hi Ladies, so Barb has completed the tourney schedule!! great job Barb!! and thank you for all of you time you spent doing it!
Now you can see when our games are going to be... and we usually play two out of the three games. So in addition to signing up to duties during the weekend if you want to play you must sign up for the tournament to play and pay (we will let you know how much that is, tba). You may not get to choose which games you play but if you know for sure that you are unable to play one of those games please put a note by your name... you could prob switch if you had to later, but we will try and keep the teams pretty even. Also if you have any interest in playing all three games for Grand Forks they may need a couple skaters... The sign up sheets will be at hockey... if you can not make it to hockey to sign up but still want to help let me know and I can direct you to who has them.
Ok...stay tuned for our next meeting prob next week... 
thanks everyone...

Smokettes Times:
Fri Feb 21st 8:50 pm Vs Cougars
Sat Feb 22nd 2:40pm Vs Black Bettys 
Sun Feb 23rd 1:15pm Vs Blueliners

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