Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st Update

Lots going on in the world of the Smokettes.

1) Thank you to all who came out this evening it was a great time, the rest of you missed out!

2) We have a game this Saturday against the Nelson Rec. Please be there by 11:00 and be stretched and on the ice by 11:30 so we can start in an efficient manner. Kathleen is organizing a goalie for us, hopefully Spring can make it. Does anyone want to volunteer to organize a ref?

3) We have a game against Grand Forks on our ice on November 10th. Same drill be ready to go on the ice at 11:30.

4) Does anyone have either of the two Smokette puck bags from last year? Please look around. One was the black bag, I don't remember what the other looks like.

5) We are trying to get the jerseys back from people who are no longer playing. If you see anyone that you think might have a jersey please ask.

6) Two tournaments are coming up, please see webpage for more info.

7) We are looking for a volunteer to organize goalies each week, any volunteers?

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