Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vegas Details

Ok Smokettes,

Finally, here are the details on the Las Vegas Tourney. It is decision time for everyone; You know you really want to go....... So, Lets Do This Thing!

Dates: March 29, 30, 31, April 1 & 2. (We will carpool to Spokane and fly out Thursday, March 29; Return trip Monday, April 2).

Flight and Hotel: $560.+ taxes  Per person US funds. Flying Southwest Airlines & staying at the Tropicana right on the strip. 2 players per room.

Tournament Fee: $130. to $160  per player (Depends on how many players go) 3 games guaranteed; 4 games possible

Transportation: Approx $50. (15 passenger van to take us and our equipment to and from the arena).

This adds up to less than $800 !!!!!!!!!  

I need your commitment so we get organized for the most outrageous hockey tournament the Smokettes have ever attended. Come On!  It's Vegas Baby! 
Reply by January 23th at the latest. The prices can change until we actually book and I have to get the tournament registration in.

Let me know,

Barb :)

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