Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend of Fun

Hey Smokettes,
                   What a fun weekend! Thanks to all those hard working organizers that put it all together. The season is quickly coming to an end Smokettes, get your comments, concerns, feedback about tournament , and ideas together for an important year end A.G.M. date T.B.A., also ideas for a date and location for our year end party...lets make sure we have one this year! so lets get on it now.

Tracy McCallum

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  1. Hey Smokettes
    Great website! Thanks for another fantastic tourney weekend! I had a great time and as usual I am looking forward to next year! Let me know how the plans for Vegas go, I need to know dates so I can book time off but I am definitely in!
    Hope your last few ice times go well. Have fun and keep your stick on the ice! Cheers Laurel