Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 Smokette Tournament

Hi all, 

Here's a game schedule and rules sheet for the 2011 Smokette Tournament in Rossland Feb 18-20, 2011. 

The format will be the same as last year, and as you can see, the Schedule is pretty much the same too! 

This year the dinner and band is going to be at the Flying Steamshovel and as usual dinner is included in the tournament fees.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  A                     B                   Women's 
 Lonestars         Skidders        Smokette's
 Hooches           Ice Hawks     Chix
 Gulch Cats       Budz              Nelson Drillers
 Grand Forks     Logan Lake   Rossland Rec

                     Game Schedule
All games in Rossland Unless Noted Otherwise

                  Time    Team and (Dressing Room #) 
Friday                       Home                   Away 
Game #1   6:15PM   Skidders (1)  vs  Ice Hawks (2)
Game #2   7:35PM   Lonestars (3)  vs  Hooches (4)
Game #3   8:55PM   Smokette's (WR)  vs  Chix (1)
Game #4   8:00AM   Grand Forks (3) vs Gulch Cats (4)
Game #5   9:20AM   Skidders (1)  vs  Budz (2)
Game #6   10:40 AM  Smokette's (WR)  vs  Rossland Rec (4)
Game #7 ( Trail)  11:30AM  Chix (8)  vs  Drillers (7)
Game #8   12:00PM  Lonestars (1) vs Gulch Cats (2) 
Game # 9   1:20PM   Logan Lake (3) vs Ice Hawks (4)
Game#10   2:40PM   Drillers (1 ) vs Rossland Rec (2)
Game #11   4:00PM   Grand Forks (3) vs Hooches (4) 

Game #12   8:45AM    Logan Lake(1) vs Budz(2)
Game #13   10:05AM   Chix (3) vs Rossland Rec (4)
Game #14   11:25PM   Lonestars (1) vs Grand Forks (2)
Game #15   12:45PM   Skidders (3) vs Logan Lake (4)
Game #16   2:05PM    Smokette's (WR) vs Drillers (1)
Game #17    3:25PM    Ice Hawks (3) vs Budz (4)
Game#18   4:45PM    Hooches (1) vs Gulch Cats (2) 

February 18-20, 2011
Ø All teams will be guaranteed three (3) games.
Ø All games will be one hour long: consisting of three 20-minute running time periods.
Ø All games will have a five-minute warm-up. Warm-up starts once first team steps onto ice.
Ø The last three minutes of each game will be stop time if the score is within two goals.
Ø The tournament committee reserves the right to alter any game schedule to remain within time constraints. 
1. Age Requirements:
All players must be at least 19 years old to play in the tournament.
Men's and Women's Divisions are open to anyone over 19 yrs.
Goaltenders can be as young as 19 in any division, including the Oldtimer's.  
2. Maximum roster is 15, including coach (for dinner purposes). Score sheets with full names and jersey numbers must be filled out prior to each game.  
3. Any player who at any time during the 2010/2011 season is a carded player is not permitted to play in the tournament. Commercial League players are permitted.  
4. Helmets and full equipment are Mandatory. Children are not allowed in team bench areas.  
5. No slapshots in Men's divisions (slapshots are above the knee level and at the discretion of the officials)  
6. Slapshots allowed in Women's Division.  
7. No bodychecking.  
8. Penalties will be 3 minutes per minor and 7 minutes per major.  
9. Any major penalty will result in a game ejection.  
10. Any major penalty causing injury will result in tournament ejection.  
11. Fighting will result in a tournament ejection.  
12. A maximum of three goals per player per game will be allowed.  
13. Center ice Red-Line is in effect for icings only.  
***While on the ice the Officials decisions are final; Once off the ice the Tournament Committee will review & respond if necessary.***
The team in each division with the fewest penalty points at the conclusion of the tournament will be deemed division winners.  
Penalty points will be assigned as follows:
-All body collision type penalties (eg. body checking, boarding, checking from behind, cross checking etc.) will be worth 10 points.
-High sticking, roughing, hooking, slashing etc. will be worth 5 points.
-Holding, tripping, interference, etc. will be worth 3 points.
-Misconduct and unsportsmanlike conduct as they go against the whole philosophy of the tournament are worth 10 points.  

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