Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tournament Update

This is who have signed up for the following tournaments, if you are not on the list and you want to come please let me know, if your on the list and can no longer go please let me know. 

Kaslo: Nov 2oth weekend
Goalie: Hailey 
Skaters: Tracy, Carolyn, Anne, Holly, Emma, Monique, Janice, Michelle, Natalie, Shannon, Marnie, Tracey B. 
Grandforks: Nov 27th weekend        
Goalie: ???
Skaters: Kathleen, Holly, Emma, Jen, Carolyn, Michelle, Amy, Tracy, Girl from Nelson  Any other Smokettes interested !!! 
At this point the team formerly known as the Chicks have NOT committed to join us to play in the tournament, so come on Smokettes sign up!

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