Monday, October 25, 2010

Grand Forks Tournament Mix-up

I have 3 Smokettes skaters confirmed that they are going to the Grandforks tournament Kathleen, Holly and myself, and SEVERAL maybe's. We have to confirm that we are sending a team and send a check for $750 this Friday. Apparently the Kougars now have a team in this tournament as well ???? a mix up with a couple of organizers that didn't realize there were 2 Trail teams and one person said yes to us and one person said yes to the Kougars who just said they were a Trail team. I was told by Grandforks that there are a couple of Nakusp girls interested and possibly a couple of Nelson girls, I'm emailling them. The teams are the Black Betties who are at about the same level as us, Midway who has a 71 year old on their team are beginners and are a ton of fun, and a new Okanogan team that is a beginner team. So all you maybe's need to decide yes or no. If your not Kathleen, Holly or Tracy email me before this Thursday Oct 28th and let me know that you are coming. I will let Ann know Thursday night if we have enough players and a goalie to register our team.

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